The Speech – Blogs React

The day of Obama’s immigration speech, Immigration Reform for America posted an article written by Deepak Bhargava. In the article, Bhargava cites a survey that claims 78% of Americans are for comprehensive immigration reform. Despite America’s eagerness, it is made clear that the reform has hit a major snag. Playing off Obama’s frustrations mentioned in his speech, the blogger makes it clear that intense party politics has crippled any reform. Republicans are portrayed as having a self interested agenda, trying to strike against Obama rather than find solutions. The author then cites the Arizona immigration law to support his claim that Republicans are to blame.

On the other side of the spectrum, conservative blogger Jena McNeill has a different opinion. The blogger agreed that immigration policy needs reform, but she strongly disagrees with Obama’s policy. McNeill viewed Obama’s speech as a call for mass amnesty which was related to the DREAM act. She claimed that the increased border security was just a charade that comes with mass amnesty. The article suggested that increased security coupled with strong discouragement of illegal immigration was the key.

An editorial blog featured on The Christian Science Monitor also featured skepticism of Obama’s policy views. Clayton Jones pondered as to why the president was so proud of his increased border security if he also admitted that securing the border was impossible. The administration’s new policy of targeting businesses also raised flags as it was pointed out that this also leads to severe poverty and joblessness of those immigrants. Other issues included vagueness of how the immigrants would settle their debts for breaking the law.

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