A Dream Deferred

Such a controversial bill such as the DREAM act is sure to attract the attention of the blogosphere. Blogs such as A Dream Deferred or Dream Act Texas keep people up to date with the latest happenings with the act. The coverage offered by these pro-DREAM blogs is more geared to arousing support than to providing objective information. A Dream Deferred offers promotional videos and links to personal accounts of immigrant discrimination. Dream Act Texas is even more aggressive in its campaign. The blog identifies DREAM opponents along with their pictures, asking supporters to contact and petition them to support the act. This makes up the majority of stories on the site along with news of those supporting the act. These pro-DREAM sources are mostly from the administration and Secretary of Homeland Security Napolitano.

The White House weighs in as well in its own blog: whitehouse.gov. The blog article framed the DREAM act as a bipartisan effort that has limitations on who it grants amnesty to (students). The blog also goes into detail of all members of the administration who are working to help get the act passed.

The conservative blog response can be seen through heritage.org. In the “Protect America” column, Blogger Jena McNeill felt that Harry Reid’s recent pushes for the DREAM act is due to past campaign promises. She also claims that amnesty has never been a successful practice and can even incite more illegal immigration. The attempts of the white house to frame the act as not an amnesty measure was recognized, but McNeill felt that the DREAM act is just that.

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